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Deutscher Holzschutz Verband | DHV

Hier finden Sie alle wichtigen Informationen und aktuelle Neuigkeiten über Holzprodukte für den Garten-, Landschafts- und Spielplatzbau, für die Forst- und Landwirtschaft incl. Wein- und Obstbau sowie über Lärmschutzwandelemente: Geeignete Holzarten, Haltbarkeit, Holzschutzmaßnahmen, Ausschreibungstipps, Einbauempfehlungen und vieles mehr!

ARBUST | La force du bois

Association pour la Revalorisation des Bois Utilisant un Système de Traitement.

American Wood-Preservers' Association | AWPA

The American Wood-Preservers' Association (AWPA) is a non-profit organization which is responsible for promulgating voluntary wood preservation standards. AWPA Standards are developed by its technical committees in an open, consensus-based process that involves individuals from all facets of wood preservation: Producers of preservatives and preservative components; producers of treated and untreated wood products; end users of treated wood; engineers, architects and building code officials; government entities, academia, and other groups with a general interest in wood preservation. AWPA's Standards are universally specified for wood preservation in the USA, and are recognized worldwide.

Canadian Wood Preservation Association | CWPA

Facilitate the exchange of knowledge on enhancing the performance of wood against biological, physical and thermal deterioration
The scope covers deterioration processes, control products and methods, codes, standards, performance, test methods, environmental, regulatory, and life cycle considerations. This includes prevention of sapstain, mould, decay, insect damage, marine borers, fire, wear, and weathering by proper design, chemical, biological or other means. It also includes production, handling, storage, use, recycling, disposal and environmental impact of treated or coated wood.

South African Wood Preservers Association | SAWPA

The South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA) is a non-profit association formed in 1980, by the South African wood preserving industry, primarily to promote timber treatment and treated timber products. Commercially grown timber in Southern Africa is mainly of the Eucalyptus and Pinus species, both of which are not durable. By applying the correct chemicals to these timbers we are able to ensure that the timber performs as if it were durable thereby giving predictable long life performance.

The Western Wood Preservers Institute | WWPI

It is the WWPI mission to protect and promote the manufacture and markets for preservative treated wood products produced by the industry in western North America. This shall be accomplished through coordinated industry strategies, utilizing the best scientific information available to:

  • Increase public and consumer appreciation and confidence in our products and our industry;
  • Secure reasonable and economic federal, state, provincial and local environmental regulation regarding our products and processes;
  • Promote the development and application of codes, standards and Quality Assurance programs to ensure products best meet the needs of the users.


CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of woodworking industries, was founded in 1952 and represents the interests of the European woodworking industry, which includes more than 100,000 companies employing around 2.7 million workers in EU25.

The primary goal of CEI-Bois is to further the interests of the European wood sector and to this end, it aims to influence EU policy-making. It is the main body representing and defending the interests of the European woodworking industries towards the European Union.

The day-to-day management of CEI-Bois is assured by the secretariat in Brussels, supported by a number of working groups (additional ad hoc working groups are established as needed) dealing with international, environmental, technical, research and development, lobbying, promotion and social affairs. This work is monitored by a Board and a General Assembly.


Founded in 1951, WEI is the European industry trade association representing the pressure treated wood industry. It promotes the benefits of treated timber whilst representing wood preservation industries within the European Union.

Studiengesellschaft Holzschwellenoberbau

De Studiegroep vertegenwoordigt de belangrijkste fabrikanten, impregneerbedrijven en gebruikers van spoorwegconstructies met houten bielzen in Duitsland en aangrenzende landen.

The Railway Tie Association | RTA

The Railway Tie Association was organized in 1919 as The National Association of Railroad Tie Producers, which grew out of predecessor groups dating back to the late 1800's. The name was changed to The Railway Tie Association in 1932.
The purpose of the Association is to promote the economical and environmentally sound use of wood crossties. The Association is involved in research into crosstie design, and ongoing activities dealing with sound forest management, conservation of timber resources, timber processing, wood preservation and safety of industry workers.

The objectives of the Association include the research and development of crosstie design, manufacture and use; collecting and providing industry statistics; developing and publishing specifications; promoting and maintaining high standards of quality for crossties; governmental affairs. The Association also cooperates closely with related organizations; conducts annual meetings; support seminars and other educational functions; and publish various publications.

Wood Protection Association | WPA

The Wood Protection Association provides:

  • Advice on selection of suitable wood species for different end-uses
  • Advice on selection of appropriate wood protection products
  • Specifications for high quality preservative treatments for all Use Classes
  • Specifications for flame retardant treatments
  • Information on suppliers of coatings, preservatives, flame retardants and wood treated with these products
  • Information on safe and effective use of all types of wood protection products and treated timber

Swedish Wood Preserving Association

An association for the wood preserving industry and has as its purpose to promote the interests of the Swedish wood preservation industry and thereby support the modernisation and development of the industry.
Furthermore the Association monitors international development within the field of wood preservation and is responsible for looking after the interests of its members with regard to national and international authorities.
The Swedish Wood Preserving Association is also the Principal for the Swedish Wood Preservation Institute and responsible for its assets, i.e. publications, library etc.

The Timber Preservers Association of Australia | TPAA

The Timber Preservers Association of Australia (TPAA) represents the nation's timber preservation industry. It is an organisation comprising timber treaters, suppliers of preservatives, research organisations, and individuals and bodies having an interest in the use of preservative-treated timber.

Japan Wood Preserving Association | JWPA

Established in 1974 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1978. In 1987, JWPA was officially registered as an academic society by the Science Council of Japan. Since its inception, JWPA has been working hard to promote research and development of technologies to preserve wood. Furthermore, JWPA endorses educational programs that will help society's understanding on its effort.

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